George & Koch Dental Associates

Office & Financial Policies

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Office Hours

Treatment is by appointment,
Monday through Friday,
8:00am to 5:00pm.

Appointments for 7:00am are available on a limited basis.

For schedule changes we request a 24-hour notice.


We do our best to accommodate emergencies promptly. In the event of an emergency during the work day, please call our office to inform us of the individual involved and the nature of the concern. This will help us to provide care more efficiently and effectively. After hours, our automated receptionist will give instructions to put you in touch with your regular dentist or one of the associates.


Our practice is mostly referral-based. This means that we have someone to thank for sending you here for care. It means we welcome your family and friends also.

A practice which grows via word of mouth is a true privilege. Your total satisfaction, therefore, is our primary goal.

Financial Policies

Cost estimates are available prior to treatment when requested by the patient. Please be certain you understand options and costs prior to care. Payment options are:

1. Cash or check.
2. VISA, Mastercard, Discover.

Monthly payments are easy with our automatic credit card authorization. Just ask us.

Since most all dental plans have deductibles, we require same-day payment in full for all emergency care of first-visit patients.

We will assist you with your insurance claim. We advise that you assign payment of benefits to our office to ease the cash flow of your obligations. Please know that insurance is your benefit, not ours, and that responsibility for payment is ultimately yours. This is true even if a properly submitted claim is denied. With over 700 groups currently in our database, we cannot vouch for the outcome of every claim nor for the process and policies of every insurance company.

Coverage varies by type as well as by group plan. For simplicity we require 50% of the fee be paid at the time of each visit, except for preventive and diagnostic services, which are usually covered at 100%. After insurance processing we will bill you for any difference or refund any overpayment. Expensive and lengthy plans may require a customized plan or fee payment.


Notice of Free Language Services Available:
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Non-Discrimination Notice:
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