George & Koch Dental Associates

Smile Gallery

  • Discolored veneers & pointed teeth photo before
    After: New porcelain veneers photo
    This woman had always disliked the color of her aging restorations, as well as the somewhat pointy shapes of her teeth. The gaps further accentuated the angular look of the teeth. Porcelain veneers were place to enlarge, whiten and reshape the teeth for a more appealing smile.
  • Short teeth & low lip line before photo
    After: Veneers whiten and lengthen teeth
    This patient had a very low lip line, and as a result, did not show much tooth structure. What did show revealed unattractive structures and irregular shapes. Porcelain veneers were placed to slightly lengthen and whiten the teeth, as well as close the gaps.
  • Old fillings and gum recession before photo.
    After Photo: Gingival Grafting and new veneers
    This patient speaks publicly virtually every day and desired a more youthful smile. Old fillings and gum recession had conspired to make his teeth look long and too angular. Treatment consisted of gingival grafting, courtesy of Dr. Holly Holliday, followed by eight ceramic veneers.
  • Before Photo: Teeth effected by age, prior dentistry and discoloration.
    After Photo: Teeth restored with new veneers
    Age and prior dentistry were affecting this woman's smile. We decided upon her biologic age, less about ten years, as a target esthetic. She also wanted a natural look instead of a chiclet smile, so the teeth were restored with porcelain veneers, but made to mimic a slightly irregular smile.
  • Before Photo: Spacing between teeth in front
    After Photo: Teeth surgically moved to close gaps and enlarged with resin.
    This young patient was evaluated while still in braces, and it was found to be impossible to close the spaces between the front teeth. The teeth were carefully moved by Dr. Chira until the space was distributed somewhat evenly. Periodontal surgery was performed to expose the rest of the teeth, and following healing, the teeth were enlarged using composite resin.